Your session fee of $75.00 is due at the time your session is booked.  Session ties will only be held for seven days until payment is made.  The session fee covers the photographer's time and talent.  There is a $350 minimum print order.  Please mail your check to Cyndi at:

9221 Crockett Drive

Rowlett, TX 75089

Click here for an Online Price Guide.

Within two weeks after your session, you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery.  Please note that your proofs will be online for one week.  If orders are placed within 3 days, you will receive a 10% discount.  Once proofs are taken offline, there will be a $25 archive fee to repost them.

Gift Prints

8 Wallets ~ $22.00

5x7 and smaller ~ $22.00

8x10 ~ $39.00

11x14 ~ $56.00

Wall Prints ~ Mounted on Styrene

11x14 ~ $94.00

16x20 ~ $132.00

20x20 ~ $150.00

20x24 ~ $160.00

20x30 ~ $180.00

24x30 ~ $193.00

30x40 ~ $215.00

Wall Prints ~ Mounted on 3/4" Standout

11x14 ~ $127.00

16x20 ~ $160.00

20x20 ~ $188.00

20x24 ~ $200.00

20x30 ~ $225.00

24x30 ~ $270.00

30x40 ~ $325.00

Gallery Wrap Canvas

11x14 ~ $240.00

16x20 ~ $280.00

20x20 ~ $310.00

20x24 ~ $325.00

20x30 ~ $365.00

24x30 ~ $385.00

30x40 ~ $450.00

Digital Images

If you would prefer to buy digital images, you can buy your entire session on flash drive for $500.

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

We love referrals! For every referral you send to us, after their session and print order, you will receive a $20.00 credit!

All prints come with a beautiful embassy texture.

Prints will not be ordered until payment is received. After one week, your proofs will be taken down and a $25 archive fee will be due to have your pictures placed online again. I will try to keep all images on file for one year but due to the nature of digital technology, no guarantees can be made.

***All sales are Final. You will be asked to sign a Delivery Receipt upon delivery of your prints.

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